In the wake of our recent election many of us are our concerned for our civil rights, liberties and the future of our democracy.

While many of us are waking up to the challenges we face, there still remains a gap between motivation and action.

DailyActivism exists to make it easier for civic-minded individuals to contribute one small act every day.



DailyActivism hopes to address

  • Threats to freedom of the press including government initiatives to limit the press, propaganda and efforts to reduce the impact of fake political news
  • Threats to the civil rights and the safety & security of immigrants, muslims, jews, blacks, and the lgbtq community


Every day, DailyActivism will provide a clear call to action with everything you need to contribute in 15 minutes or less.

The larger we grow our community the louder our voice will be heard.

Some actions we can take together include

  • Targeted calls to specific members of congress complete with scripts & phone numbers
  • Curated lists of online petitions supporting individual causes
  • Coordinated campaigns against media outlets for their normalization of extremist candidates
  • Assistance in curating / sharing lists of fake media outlets, companies to boycott and instances of hate crimes
  • Activating the community for local, midterm and national elections
  • Involvement and impact on primaries ensuring our candidates represent the interest of all americans
  • Tools and tips for talking with friends and family members about issues of race
  • Donating to non-profits supporting our causes