Grudge round up of Trump’s Russian Ties

This is a summary of the twitter posts of @grudging1 re: Trump’s ties to Russia.

Let me see if I can try & remember all the blatant Russia/Trump things are out there.

Right after sanctions imposed, Trump brings one of his gross pageants to Russia. While there, he brags of his relationship with Putin in an interview. LA Times reported he sought & got money from Russian investigators for several projects, including his SOHO hotel.

This included money from a notorious criminal Russian money laundering OP, called Bayrock. They funded Trump projects around the globe.

Donald Jr. said “Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets” at a real estate conference. Trump’s own comments throughout the campaign show an adolescent fanboy love of Putin. No criticism. At all. For anything.

He then hires Manafort, who consulted directly for Putin’s ally in Ukraine. Manafort received payments from Russian oligarchs. And was getting no money from Trump. The NY Times story on him was so damaging & explosive he left the campaign immediately.

Meanwhile, hack leaks are timed with the DNC for maximum impact to split the left. Many try to claim no one knows who did it. But Feds know better. Mountains of evidence.

Podesta’s private email gets hacked too. More leaks. Magically nothing on the other side. Remember this: Close Trump aide, Roger Stone warns of more leaks coming. He was right. How did he know? Wikileaks contact for sure. Russian?

Then in a press conference for the ages, Trump actually verbalizes this:
“Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing. I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press.”

Not only is this dangerous, but there’s a huge tell in here. He doesn’t call for the 400 lb hacker to help. He explicitly says “Russia”. That’s not an accident. And of note: it will be Trump’s last presser even to this day.

At the third debate, topic of Russia comes up and Hillary accuses Trump of being a puppet for Putin. Not only does Trump have no real response, he nervously panic-objects with the totally normal: “No puppet. No puppet. You’re the puppet”

Meanwhile, the only interaction he’s had with our government is that he starts getting intel briefings. In those briefings, he’s told about evidence of Russian interference in the election. Yet subsequently he still says “we have no idea who hacked.” It’s one of the only things he’s been told officially and yet… Why would he lie here? To make intel communities look bad? Or because he knows how much more there is?

There also happens to be another “leftist” option on the ballot who bizarrely claims Hillary is *more* dangerous than Trump. That option? Well she also has nice things to say about Russia and recently attended a dinner there with Trump’s security pick… And certifiable loon, Gen Flynn.

Republicans are then briefed on Russian hacking but block info getting out. Out of respect for the election of course. Yet they’re giddy to lose their minds over the FBI releasing info about Anthony Weiner’s laptop, which may or may not contain anything at all. Emails have a to & a from so since we have all the other end points there’s no chance at all there’s anything new here. But the media collectively goes insane. Reid demands the FBI also release what they know about Russia, which is a lot.

He knows because the CIA told him. FBI then leaks a bullshit story that yeah Russia did it but not to help Trump. And yet even to this day Trump isn’t denying Russian motive. He flat out denies Russian involvement at all!

This despite Russian officials saying explicitly they’ve been talking with the Trump campaign this whole time!

Then of course names for Secretary of State are comically pro-Putin: Rohrabacher. Tellerson.

So in conclusion, this is all absurdly obvious. All reported by our most respected entities. I think the story that needs to be taken most seriously is this Eichenwald piece from Nov 4. Read it again today.

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