Tell Zappos to remove Trump products

Among the many companies supporting the racism, misogyny and autocratic tendencies of Donald Trump is Zappos.  The company currently carries Ivanka Trump’s line of boots.  They are also a company obsessed with customer service.  Let them know how their choices impact your ability to do to business with them.

Here’s a transcript of my conversation:

You are now connected to Ron from
Ron:Hello, Michael! Thank you for tuning into Zappos chat! My name is Ron, and I would be more than happy to assist you today.
Me:Why are you selling Trump products?
Me:Does your company support racism and misogyny
Me:I have been a long time customer of Zappos and was thinking of making a purchase
Me:but will not – no longer – never a gain
Ron:No not at all, I do apologize as I am aware of the current concern of this brand. I will certainly pass this suggestion on to the appropriate teams. We are always looking for ways to improve the customer experience, and we definitely appreciate your input.
Me:Thank you. I will wait to make my purchase
Me:until I see how the company acts
Ron:Totally understandable.
Me:thank you
Ron:I hope we can amend this for you and many.
Ron:I don’t want to lose any customers over this.
Me:Good to hear.
Ron:Is there anything else I may assist with or anything else I should add to my notes in regards to your current concern?
Me:Nope that is it. Thank you.
Ron:Thank you for reaching out with your feedback we hope to hear from you again.

Call to Action

Go to and click on the “Live Help” link at the top of the page.  Tell them how you feel.

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