Demand End to Violence Against #noDAPL Water Protectors

You may have seen information about renewed, frightening attacks on the Standing Rock water protectors. Please call or email the Morton County Sheriff’s office as soon as possible and demand they stop these violent tactics.
We’re forwarding info from Daily Kos, in the interests of urgency. Please see below for more info, but here is the bottom line:
Call the Morton County Sheriff’s office and demand they end these life-threatening attacks on peaceful unarmed protectors immediately! Here is the number and a sample script:
Morton County Sheriff’s office number:
Hello, my name is ___________. I am horrified by the violence used by your officers against the Standing Rock water protectors last night. It is nothing short of torture to douse people in water, in below freezing temperatures, for hours. People could die from this inhumane escalation. Your officers are willing to risk killing peaceful protectors. It’s time to end these dangerous tactics and torture against the people at Standing Rock.
You can also call the White House (202-456-1111 or -1414), US Army Corps of Engineers, and Department of Justice — more info below.

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